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Walking Elephants

Senses resonate, feel, hear, see, smell, taste
Walking Elephants

Nudity, the looks intertwine, physical limits are crossed
A deeper emotional connection, expressed totally naked
Senses resonate, feel, hear, see, smell, taste
Time to enter into a true human connection
Physical closeness,  Seeds of Security
It feels good, feels like coming home
Moments of Absolute Bliss
Complementary balance of Fulfilling
Togetherness and Equality
No Assumptions nor Manipulation
Forms of Style and Taste
Pleasures, light coercion and unambiguously directing
Nurturing more and more Love inside
The limbic system in our brain
Processing emotion and memory
Emotional memory recalling and regulation
Fusion of two Souls
Rituals to get where they want to be
Words and Body language
Wireless communication channels