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Red October

gunfire on a boat in the Mediterranean Sea
Red October

Melbury Road
Horse Feet tripping
A lone Man walking
towards High Heaton library

Real Magic made of Chocolate Letters
Set behind a private gated Entrance
Temporary Amnesia, read books and more books
Five hours of spoken soft literature

Fishing in deep blue Water
For the first Human Cell
Time is a Temple of Bliss
Newton in the Twilight Zone

Holystone of indeterminate age
Wooden decks and dancing Sailors
Seek to find Space within Letters
A 33 centiliters Beercan

Well done Mr President
Rockfish Capital of the World
Monsieur Crepe
Pancakes in Jesmond Park

A village on the outskirts
Useless tasks to keep them employed
Treadstone Seventy-Four
Tyne and Wear

The Knack codenamed Medusa
Seaham St Mary's Church
Whispering Hebrew Melodies
Missionary work in Frisia

Multi-coloured fortified place
A lone Man came home
Collected writings of Charcoal
Strange ways in Memory

A wooden canoe used by the Ancient
Cleaving of all around
the blood of nobles flows towards me