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Project Connectome

comprehensive maps of connections within an organism's nervous system
Project Connectome
Jesmond Dene New Castle upon Tyne

Balkan Stream, a mysterious explosion
Embedded opportunities for corruption
In deployment of the umbilical cord
Thinking how the water drops flow Apart

Tree planted by an Unknown Soldier
Heather would arrive in a parcel
Seed collected at a ruined church
World War I battlefield in Belgium

Ordering of a bifteki
Greek Traditions
Mathilda and Stephan
A Fairytale in the Woods

Theory of Human Thinking
Place and Grid cells
Animal's position in Space
Mental map of the surrounding

Memory accomplished
Mapping New Experience
Associate pictures of Birds
Map of human cognitive Spaces

A kiss of peace in the cathedral
Mystical conceptions of the Soul
Postmaster couldn’t remember Anything
Sweet as honey, rough like cane

Rage against the Machine
Commerce is the Neon God
Seats and fire marks in the shelter
Homes were flooded around Sarajevo

Spring up Together
all phenomena arise from other, pre-existing phenomena