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Genesis 19:26 - Metropolis 19:27
Erskine Bridge

Silver stolen by Spanish and English peasants
Slaves are producing cars to sell to propaganda slaves
Death calls forth the Dead

Poor Europe sold 1 million cars less this year
Gonna sell my fridge to the highest bidder
Ask myself the question, how much food do I need

Can we cross the Erskine bridge
The A898 road towards Glasgow
Weigh in motion systems are in place

Pieces of Roman artifacts been found
Skeletons of the furious Volcano
Contrast between the Realities of Life

Some watershed point is reached
The excessive heat of the country
A battle, in conjunction of tumult
A battle against snowy-white aspects

Genesis 19:26 - Metropolis 19:27

A unique natural habitat
Market implications for the Lesser
Gallowgate End fans shout
Loneliness and unfulfilled Desires

Uncontrollable dark forces
Opposite shortcomings in education
The voice is the Human
The words are the Bus