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Northern Girl

May our minds, eyes and tongues be guided by our hearts, and the language far older than words...
Northern Girl

Heather was deft & victorious,
Your warriors all bewitched
The water of the ninth wave
Before I became the gifted one

The Battle to hide your fear
For Death is coming
Love to be yourself
Castle of Coca

Tell the Northern Lights to keep shining
A sword in the hands of princes
She could light you up and summon every swan to the lakeside

Parallel world
War stricken people
Shining path lights
Sharing things in between

Feel like a balloon
Locked in yourself
Hypertonic pelvic floor
Naked body awareness

Lately it seems like they're drowning
She's got you shaving your legs
Please don't help me with this
Cut it again

Make the ritual arrangements
Set up two vessels of beer
Carnelian Nylon

Rituals to get where they want to be
Something is missing
Apologies for emotional needs
Digital intimacy is artificial