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Horse racing

a very surreal feeling to everything
Horse racing
race horses new castle upon tyne

A Primitive Species arrived in Town
Underground Astronauts
Cookies to improve your Experience
Clean Energy Leaders

Experiencing the Effects
Painting all the walls and doors
Wide circulation of Management
A comprehensive, 40-page report

On the change an elephant undergoes
Growing into a block of concrete
The Modern African is a fat man
Ideas that link Civilizations

Intellectual serial killing politicians
Enhanced Security Algorithms
A pioneering Neuroscientist explores
Gained knowledge primarily on his Own

Found Faces, assemblage Art
Smoking contributes to climate Change
A new scene of racism growing
Into the Mists of a Jungle

Banana boats flow over the river
You see that fish down below struggling
Waves of heated discussions over a glass
Tea in the pot makes us all black

Move on over to the Other side
Need to find Balance in chemistry
Love is waiting for exploration
Senses need attention, a ticket

Pakistan a place just outside the desert
Sounds of flutes and harps
Hypnotizing images for the animals
Come Back to the Five and Dime

opening the door