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Flower World

Flower World

Woods full of Eggshells, snails running wild, Tsjirp said the bird.

Hollow Wall of Airless suffering, Frost underground, Sunlight over the Ocean of particles.

None has seen what lies beyond, the roads leading inwards are filled with mirrored matches.

Float and plaster, Danse Macabre, return to the source of water filled bowls, ceramics adorned with precious stones.

Drumming Elephants amidst the high trees of the Kalahari.

Glittering and surpassing the lines drawn in the sky, animals rise up and spread nature's dust.

Jungle flowers on the eastern horizon made me feel the invisible wave length.

Unknown Western cowboy looking for his travel destination, forgotten footsteps take you down unto higher  layers of confusion.

A terrace with a view at the musical of Life whispers Love into the Abyss of the Echo.

Plates full of fruit, patiently waiting to convert into the next stage, green - violet - yellow substance.

Acrylic paint is used to see forward in Time, drawing new designs onto the seafloor. Salt mixed with clay combined made a new recipe.

A pistol filled with glue, ready to shoot its content into layered stages. Cubicle farms littered in the open field. Theater of clowns and beggars for Money

Flying horses around the Camelot Castle,  setting up a new stage in spatial realities, forwarding the roots of cobalt mirrors.

Tear drops of a Virgin, Jerusalem via Kosovo