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Fifty Middle Ages

Fifty Middle Ages

It's not the end but a shadow,
It is the shadow of the end of fifty Middle Ages,

It is one in all directions
On and over the waters
A thrown shadow casts

People organize and arrange and know  
that one cannot know  
who and what they rank and order

And C looks at his watch and says  
"We are almost in America but not quite"

For Saint Nicolas:
Eye - also find a path that is not a path.  
Eye - find a Shining path finally

even and odd
up and down
get together
Silence is a verb

All trips high, sound wavers  

A poem by a chimney that is not a chimney
a poem for nobody comes
in condition to be or wait

Ankles on shins
A leg of wood
A wooden leg

The bastards of a book  
a psalm piece
A piece of a psalm

People live too large with a Kalahari  
   on its consciousness

A slip instead of the two shoes of  
   its consciousness in the Kalahari