Gorillas in the Mist

He was 100% innocent when he was shot
An incentive they'll propose
Manipulations of Social Goals
Been carrying this for the last 50 years
Dissolved in 3 liters of plain Water

I’m getting tired now
Perceptions and patterns of dehumanization
Manipulations of People
Maintain the balance of Water
Fresh wind blowing in the Sails

Love takes a turn for the Extreme
The Clock sets Time
For once thought to feel something Real
Balanced green leaves, eight o'clock
Non Refundable Twin Ensuite

Find a Therapist
Martyrdom is the antidote
Spanish Inquisition is adored
Mixture of leather, wood, old cigars

Economic witches, how hard it will be
Complete eco-living out of reach
In towns and cities across the country
Found guilty today of murdering sticker packs

The wrapping paper and digital gifts
Birth of the Palermo architect
A vintage designed Man put in silent movie captions
War crimes may have been committed

It is expected to lie to get your job done
How sad society evolved into darkness
The vaccine wears out, persona non grata
Repeating patterns of Apocryphal ability

The fish had darted out of the water
Submerged in a stream where Candiru live
Unit 8200 watch in real time a Worm
The reactivation of a White Elephant

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