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Envy Being

Bringing back memories - Pitch Dark, a night porter
Envy Being

Intoxicating the drunkards
Profound prediction domini
Intense mood swings
Perceived symbol of narcissism

Selfish destructive nature
Envy generated subculture
Promote a negative image
Unrealistic expectations
War inciting words

Lack of Empathy
Walk into the Darkness
Mind and body sickness
Corona working on nerves

Exploitative behavior
Gaslighting hallmark of fame
Talking about themselves
No Self-esteem in the mirror
Lockdown the World

Climate change upon Tyne
They are probably listening
but cannot get the message
They might be even reading
(for a change)
Clock keeps ticking

Be a Light House
Positive movement in Art
Leave the Darkness behind
Walking Alone into the Forest
Got nothing to Proof