Winter soltice

10,000 beds occupied by elderly people
Looking at the picture of Health
Watch at the King of the Snowy Mountain
The conflict has split the synagogue

Two parts, both sides spread apart
Experts have claimed in a new book
Responsibility for each trip booked
A lifetime of achievement in performers

Winter solstice versus the spring equinox
Made a ceremony at the Swedish residence
Work of the spider men to maintain firmly
Pleas for a humane treatment of the Migrant

Prints will be available every few months
Ushuaia has uncovered snowy mountain fields
High-speed railway to the northeast province
Of all unicorns, she is the only one who knows

The magnetic complexity found in the corona
Various flavors of the summer dance games
A circle of light around a luminous body
Design a flat vertical face on a cornice

Worth all the hype for a historical ice shack
No animal dies except when the tide is ebbing
The same force penetrating into all things
Commemorating the occasion with ordinary africans

The moon is said to be a male in german
Underground rivers that flow upwards in foam
The Fountain of the Sun is sweet and very cold
Olive trees and green bushes grow in the Red Sea

Off the coast of the Cor Axis tribe on the Black Sea
Taught, this is the male star that became female
Looking behind the curtain at the reality produced
Armed robbers broke into the residence and stripped guests

Hormones, a set of chemical messengers affect the guests
Commercial interests capture the desire for gratification
Dopamine, serotonin, adrenaline, noradrenaline, and endorphins
Biological warfare taking place in a dance ceremony

Empty vessels cannot be drawn out of the water
Changing pressures over the course of a million year
The troops kept getting burnt by their own weapons
Brains are running on a program controlled by the Others

A fertile principle that engenders itself and grows out
All the eggs in vaccine basket makes poem to understand
Manipulate psychology and biology for a non profit
A forty-four-year-old woman, code-named patient SM

Exposed serious cracks and the shambolic state of affairs
Taps into powerful neurological pathways, created addiction
Very quick response times and a superior paramedic program
Lead the reader by the hand on a tour of the whole world

In a tomb a letter signed with his name, addressed to earth
Carrying out the due rites found in the ancient library
Food was great, the music was great but the city was awful
Emotionally immature children lacking rules and discipline

Amazing manufacturing process for giant transmission chains
Folk dancers paraded through the streets of Mexico City
Ceramic vessel with residues from the preparation of chocolate
Paper coated with a thin layer of fine painted stucco

Checked with the hospital kitchen staff for a pizza
Narcissism a lack of focus on or caring about others
Reality TV and talk shows, associated with narcissism
A damaged language that hasn’t the time to digest

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