Whispering Grass

Mindless mumbling in the background
Blah blah, climate changes await
Humanity has tripped over the borderline
Tell the birds and bees to escape

A group of grizzly bears walking
Healing Turmeric Chicken Soup
Powerful Machines on Another Level
Cannot touch the invisible Force

Flavor similar to chocolate
Commanding the British Empire
Establishment’s power Apparent
Welcome at the graveyard

Arab nation, placed Original Sin
Calimero drunk on whisKey
Automatic cars driving in the streets
Dollars to pick winners and losers

Surveillance video shows she disappeared
Running after the best Black Friday deals
The Dying Butterfly is available now
One-of-a-kind gifts this holiday season

Papercutting artists integrated the Opera
Migrant crisis at the border
Cult of Borderline Personalities
Love story in the nightlife of Minneapolis

To be a role model for all young girls
Prime location for watching the Moon
Japanese Lantern Effect, glowing copper
Working in the various temples

Collapse of environmental systems
Dog-at-dog cheerleaders for Houdini
Being carried on my father’s shoulders
Out of the ground in Seine-Saint-Denis

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Mind in Chains