Wandering Druid

Ukrainian police declare admiration for Nazi collaborators
Social relationships with commodity related business
The key to immortality has been thrown in the silent ocean
Only four horses took part in the main race of the day

The main agricultural products include oats and potatoes
Algorithm words in a lost language took roots in the earth
Written the faces of bipyramids and certain Catalan solids
Nearly six decades of mental wrangling to decode Linear B

Sunrise over the dam at Badsfontein, the venue 3 day hikes
Count 180,000 paper money slips filed in cigarette boxes
The minor leagues of the private mercenary in worldly affairs
Bobby Sands was a cover for a devious espionage campaign

Worldwide illegal US regime change and assassination plots
Ambulances were filled up with corona patients
A broker sells a subscription into killing the markets
Golden showers to be the ultimate wet dream for sticks

The man behind the curtain does not know the castle owner
Deaf and dumb he talks on and on to sell hot air shares
Got to step in get my shares to make the killing fields
Mainstream acceptance is given a marvellous holocaust show

Saint-Paul and Amsterdam turned into a nature reservation
Dealing with one of the largest group of idiots in the world
Could machine learning crack the thoughts of a lost humanity
Manually test out the theory by translating symbols one by one

Equal sides are called legs, the third side is called the base
An anonymous Japanese woman using the pen name Sun Flower
Langley’s adventitious angels were running outside the garden
Beneficial as an alternative to pesticides in agriculture

Vagrants have been historically characterised as outsiders
Whipping the devil out of them as a preventative measure
Those not part of the estates of the religious realm excluded
4-year educated and a subsequent holiday in a Siberian Dacha

A twenty forth edition of the book will be published in 1976
Behave at times with complete rationality and good judgment
Mathematical respect for difficulties of triangular geometry
The cameras of security companies into weapons of intrusion

Cork has long east-west ridges forming uplands and wine hills
Immigrant species are species that travel between two habitats
Soybeans and honey bees are non-native species to North America
Organizing a diplomatic conversation of the mute with the deaf

Talking about moving to a total collapse of the banking system
Operation Hotel California was about to enter to final stage
The walls came crumbling down when the mega fraud was discovered
FBI secretly recorded the conversations of Martin Luther King


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