Trading Licks

Education for total commercialisation
Status based on paper based certificates
Zero value without thinking at all
Always positive social media response

Lying destroys any mirror reflection
An insurance to live for ever
From Nazis to communists, same band
The ground is pitted with shell holes

A child’s bicycle, a washing machine
Beautiful marketing product feelings
Will praise you in every public place
An Ottoman era fountain in Belgrade

Mighty mouse walks into the castle
An accommodation in an old bookshop
Being transported out of the theatre
Broad structural similarities detected

The evidence for the fragmentation
Violated into nothingness on the floor
Keeping a broken amulet chain floating
Together to form a single conjoined pair

Cryptic inscription on a silver knife mount
Paraded through the streets barefoot, shaved
Unemployed, laborers, clerks and salespeople
More general customs, mores, and practices

Reach temperature and let powerclamp kick in
Reading the user preferences to explore
55% of information received is body language
Mechanistic dehumanization, on personal basis

The total extermination of the American Indian
Undocumented workers treated as robot machines
Effects of white noise upon cognitive function
Take a fresh look at the Emperor clothes

Smokey with a shovel makes a distortion sound
Excitement increases with hierarchical disparity
Countless people carry terrible dreams in life
A mind conceives millions of thoughts and ideas

Call center workers navigate the rental system
A very high level of contamination in the mind
Black holes located in dwarf galaxies wobble
Containers of pressurized air lift heavy weights

Spheres, cylinders, and cones are employed shapes
Educating students about ancient hieroglyphs
Remind a generation of the technological heritage
Humiliation a universal aspect for human beings

Splitting intense emotional individual experiences
Self-positivity in order to preserve self-esteem
Universal forces for social improvement purposes
All Chatbots exhibit severe mental health issues

Architects of software turn out to be true monsters
Care about supporting clean energy adoption
Started out of a lacking consideration for people
ALS exhibiting depression and advanced addiction

Lost in the woods without any painted figures
Illusions in a different dimension of nothingness
A Catholic bishop declared guilty in an abuse case
Expected to prove each officer willingly violated

Everything polarised into extremes of love and hate
Bring himself to endure the gradually increasing pain
Identity among initiates after the hazing experience
The practice of abuse among groups is understood

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