Strip Tango

The exhibition explores the personal stories of artists
Concept of eternal recurrence, tomorrow is still a mystery
Take the covers from books in the abandoned library
Life is based upon endless strings of coincidences

Set in stone, an image out of the ordinary defences
Forget the world as it used to be, high flyer in covers
Machiavellian intelligence for consistent natural orientation
Kitsch is immediate gratification for contrived sentiment

The rise of the middle class and public religious education
Sinister captured dark scenes from the 20th century camps
An oversaturation of art produced for the popular taste
Without intellectual effort producing senseless products

Destroying all natural resources to make up a dream world
Propaganda is broadcast by state-controlled mass media
Cognitive distorted messages result into an surreal reality
The private market begging to see some human workslaves

Automatic thought processes to create future patients
Financial support for sexualization of children in the media
Pharmaceutical companies exploit the vulnerable mind
Mental illness, the aesthetic ideal of all politicians

Adultery within all political parties an ideological tool
Negative schemes applied to the future, and the environment
Subsidizing the haves and criminalizing the have nots
The terrorist party reinforced by a secret thought police

Monopolistic control over all resources made available
Characterized by a split, traditionalists and revisionists
Take care of the production of rubber gasmasks to breath
Constantly tell and show the cosmetic appeal of weight loss

After the nuclear rainfall wear protective jeans trousers
The remarkable consistency in us and them orientations
Humor behind a New Yorker cartoon for swimming penguins
The standard ideal for people with poor reasoning skills

The artificial kingdom is a tool for the virtual experience
Self-centered, blaming others, minimizing mislabeling
Incapable of tolerating the intensity of the sexual moment
Multiple deaths as a fragmentary remembrance commodified

Women transition towards androgynous looks and shaven hair
Flappers gain freedom of movement and controlled privacy
Financially independent, an eager consumer of fashion
Fooling ourselves to perceive our rulers as totalitarian

Our history moves toward an immutable robotic future
Identify and alter distortions for behavioural therapy
Justifying the establishment of authoritarian state
Worship my motherfuckin‘ Boots !!


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Governmental Misanthropy