SM framework

Residents started to spot the games across the city
After photos of Xs and Os in the atrium
A convention began circulating on social media
Found near the monastery of San Martiño Pinario

A long-overlooked status as a double-edged sword
Operators of shelters along the mountainside
Holywood does not have the power to hold a referendum
The SM framework is about enabling you to do things

The two interlocking cartels, Big Tech and the Media
All politically and economically interdependent
Both illegal and deeply dangerous to a free society
Conspiracy theories and the censorship are products

African people calling East of London politicians
Technology to completely disable the body functioning
Speech and our politics for their own power and profit
Technopolitical storm clouds of war on the horizon

An interesting signature from the Wellington Radar
Flown into the Indonesian island of Bali for a gathering
She devilish collusion between two sets of corrupt companies
Ritual arrangements to set up two carnelian vessels of beer

A labyrinth of computer code made true SM play possible
All appearance is futile till the sun shines a right corner
Squares full of electronic cars waiting to drive home
Devastated our politics, our culture and our country

An electronic device shown during a moisture exposure event
Functionality of calculating forms drawn in the sandbed
Holding a ring of royal authority and is seated on a throne
Fingernails turn skin within flesh-colored and white bands

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