Rising Angel

Beauty without the depth of soul is merely decoration
Dynamic is ever flowing and evolving
All The Light We Cannot See
A state of Controlled Hallucination

The place of the cure of the Soul
Shelves for the collections of papyrus scrolls
Different manuscripts of poems
Through the tunnel in towards a lighter being

Classical sculptures, mosaics, gravestones
Express your heart and create a lovely connection
Detectors on the flanks of a spewing volcano
A heart like the colours of a rainbow

Chief representative of the writers crew
Celebrated among the indigenous inhabitants
Recording from neurons in live and behaving
Why seek recognition at all ?

The grass on one side of the football field
Greener as the other side, now walk the line
History repeats itself everytime
The need to raise the Wall around

Self protection an important factor in Society
Everywhere the animals looking to hurt
Showing compassionate self is a vulnerability
Feeling like being cover for normal people

My gut can sense danger long before your mind
Collective hallucination makes propaganda reality
Manipulation 24 hours a day numbs the living being
Computer platforms stalking social behaviour

Stepping shoes through the tunnel into the woods
Listen out for the wagons full of Love
Our own nature is creating what is happening
So we are not helpless but think imaginative

Once had a dream about two people walking
Sound of planes passing overhead dropping their bombs
Show parts of films produced in the Valley
Many people are heedless of the signs

True happiness is possible between two people
Feel the warmth of your thoughts arising
Reeds flourish in the shallow string of lakes
Deep waters congealed in the heart of the sea

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