Righteous Wings

Radio disc jockeys distract listeners to vote monopolistic parties
Had a dream of living out in the country near the sea shore
Strike at the heart of the London money-laundering casino machine
Hunger will pay any vote into a democratic system of illusion

On the Venezuelean beach drinking syrope with crushed ice cubes
Got some financial funds to be moved out and in of Russia
Reverse engineer the corrupt international banking system
Algerian gas reserves have the same origine as the Lybian fields

The insatiable west european system based on stealing resources
Uncapable of sharing anything but always looking for troublemaking
The intelligence of plankton is worth bold in their bloody eyes
Lost in the colors of a skin which got hunted in the jungle

Each community has its own political organization to divide
The official white flag of the reservation for innocent indians
Colored their asses with the whiplashing till it colors red
So saturated all the illusions of another world of realities

Clamps makes the body think clear about local light signals
Robotic censorship of an african virus in black and white
Only sadness around, day in day out, people walking in line
Once upon a time apartheid was invented to divide and kill

Disclosure of information is a threat to national security
Hit a final nail in the cover-up of being engaged in reading
Any communication with a computer or phone is been recorded
We have landed in a dreamworld of the metropolitan theater

Birch plywood, natural lime plaster and local terrazzo tiles
Examining the mull of kintyre test for woman discrimination
Archaeological excavations are of great cultural importance
The fireplace was in the middle on the floor of the temple

The famous knowledge of local Paraguayan Jesuit populations
Kaleidoscopic riot of abstract images intercut with visions
Operation Kenova is a double standards investigation in place
Flowing down the river, lush green leaves give a little shade

An apocryphal unofficial test by British naked regulators
Terrible human rights abuses committed during the troubles
Tinsoldier on the ruins of Pompeii produced bronze wind chimes
A phonecall from the ancient battlefield rang blistering

Setting the pattern for subsequent versions of pictures
Dance involvement of state agent codenamed cakeknife
Locked metal cabinets were constructed over erotic frescos
The secret room was briefly made accessible in the 1960s

Two Indians bleached white by the sun, of pure Indian blood
One of the largest raw materials suppliers to the world market
From the forest to greet the partyleader came a local priest
Medicines for the most advanced virus were not sold anymore

A leathermask covered ears and eyes for the public in church
Headless place yourself in danger if you criticize the ruler
Neglected packages and documents had piled up on the desks
Stopover at a mysterious guesthouse visible in satellite photos

Multiple, silent princes wearing identical white robes and masks
Qatar, comparable to Nazi Germany, tweeted a photo of Hitler
The problem of vampires feasting on the kingdom’s annual party
A billion-dollar electoral fund approved to irrigate campaigns

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