Qanon Verified

Walked into the office building with the brand new flower curtains
Did see Maria enter the woman's toilets to brush her teeth
Think she will be making a statement pretty soon on the limits
Dance a tango on an Oxford school square forming one big line

Boys from Argentina leaving in an air of distinct cactus perfume
The solitary Queen of Roses came out of the mountain cave
An example of indiscrete form of financing development projects
Wellington is about to set sail again for a new adventure

Servers and domains authorized to be part of the organization
The Russian-Brazilian negotiations in Moscow about linen
Rational clothing is allowed but will be never printed in words.
As far as the nations are concerned, it is a natural gift

The colonalism of a history is hidden in a veil of sunlight
Yesterday some birds passed the limits of borderless circles
Gravity pulled one's down into an abyss of fashion lines
Fine lines in a storm of letters drowning in a wineglass

Drunken sailors entered the Hollywood Bar, end of 52th street
Let swing on the dancefloors of a forgotten time in space
Words nor letters were ever uttered in the presence of Jazz
The shining lights at Minton's place with Kelly's close-by

Cotton stiff and white, a pleasant feeling for the immigrant
Arrived from far away lands entered the theaters of sound
Most carefully picked fresh fruit dressed in a green dressing
Stiff lips underneath the knitted patterns of delights

Chaotic events to take form at the masquerade carnival
Pull out a revolver instead and shoot the robot machinery
Gamma radiation coming from the women in attendance
Parker derives the name of West side of Clinton's neighborhood

Larry Flynt made a new picture magazine available to the world
Geared it more to affluent and upscale male patrons of art
Semi-clothed girls would make great aluminium hatcap sales
Cheetah worked at the well-known club, once at 53rd and Broadway

The samba was active in small dance offices of house servants
Protecting pseudo democracy is very expensive printing
Willing to pay any price to protect the freedom of polka dance
Down at the squatter camp of a former german farm in Misiones

Northeastern corner of the country in the Mesopotamia region
Various cultures of indigenous jesuit peoples lived in the area
War between the triple alliance, made by men and woman together
A supranatural deity planned to marry a beautiful local woman

Sliced the river and create a golden waterfall down to earth
Blessed all together with the Queen of Lovers in an eternal fall
Customs, cultures, music, and cuisine of immigrant populations
Training and maintaining a network of citizen journalists

State servants, oligarchs and deputies left the countryside
Beautiful gaucho women fight along with men against fascism
Advance a development project in Montana and lie to an agency
The texts revealed the trepidation and dread experienced

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