Start idle injection to reduce power
A walk on proverbial eggshells
Being naked and having an erect penis
Men’s love for servitude to women

Embracing the spirit of equality
Product of a particular chivalric nurture
Experience is the sensibility that gives birth
Directed toward an instance of excellence

Obedience to his lady’s lightest wish
Supernatural or paranormal erotic interchange
An altered state in his nervous system manifested
Pheromones that replaced leading signaling device

Eggs in her ovaries, female attracted male by looks
Totalitarian sex tribunals at American universities
Few signs exist to indicate the internal character
An alloy with silicon that can emit light

A nude figure standing with a spear and shield
Death of seasons is upon us. Magic is in the air
Fast-­running streams, meandering rivers, or waterfalls
Familiar and symmetrical, Nature the unfamiliar and irregular

Ethiopians are burnt by the heat of the heavenly body near them
Peace of the sky been broken, shivered with chill and icy harshness
Run faster than light and jump higher than the clouds
Tomahawk missiles capable of reaching New York in minutes

The pleasures of carnal delight in order to complete the quest
Visionaries are in the field of art who recognize novel patterns
Aside from isolated discussions among lawmakers, there are no plans
Hard for them to limber their theory without feeling outside sun

Tragic prophet of gender trouble, they are legion "Stop the drama"
Do not need the urge to go into a battle at Constantinople
A slicing weapon used by ancient Aztec warriors, tails with clubs
Prehistoric animals for kids need to update and put this weird tail

A team examined the pieces of skull and did five different DNA analyses
Performed in-orbit relay communication over a distance of 4,000 kilometers
A student cardiologist at Sheba Medical Centre near Tel Aviv told a story
No teachers in the classroom and the classmates were chatting with each other

Berlin did order the next lockdown. The court is no longer an excuse for politics
Any other single invention, writing has transformed human consciousness
Optics, botany, geology, anatomy, aeronautics, cartography, fluid dynamics
Body was tied up by ropes to stop her anger causing floods and earthquakes

A revelation will raise fresh questions about the new variant being present
Interests responding to changing circumstances across more than a millennium
Inform that I have found in the land of Persia men possessing sound judgement
Penetrated a women-only space many times and gotten passionate kisses

Gonna shave from your groin and bottom, and dress you as a woman to look African
A theory showed silicon, alloyed with germanium, shaped in a hexagonal structure
Some of them are brought into line by those they would join the party
Accustomed to reading about scientific matters in Latin or Greek, vulgar language

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