Pin Man

Underpinning security failed to prevent the escape of a theater showman
Camera spinning up to lock everything down on a magnetic film tape
National guards preventing Africans from escaping their own mortal fate
Epstein Express illustrating the perils of travel in the new machine age

All narcissists, children's interests in own image, own body, a separate being
Pinned down the internal structure of an evergrowing idealistic desertification
Government plans to implement a number transfer PIN system for the working class
A secret in hiding for over 20 years threatens to ruin the life of crows

Blackbirds in the skies talking about the highway over the Glasgow coma scale
Memory, language, the execution of tasks, spatial orientation and reality judgment
The liberating moment thousands of blackbirds descended upon a freeway in Houston
Stroke at the right left side of the bodily functions in perpetual motion

Against the advice of intelligence agencies, who identified them as a threat
Currently preparing to challenge the government’s appeal to throw the towel
The tower of Babylon in the midst of an orange desert storm called party time
Complained about the large number of Mickey Mouse prisoners still behind bars

The signature fearing unfair prosecution of Americans for political reasons
Local authorities had to submit reports about the numbers suffering from hunger
No right to learn grisly details about CIA torture, because the CIA never confessed
A woman doctor wrote to a friend in June 1933, she had not yet become a cannibal

Mistakenly believing the kingpin with al-Qaeda went to open a swiss bankaccount
An obsolete military organization has launched many ruthless military aggressions
The right to create American biological laboratories in Georgia for testing
Any democratic university would agree that its scholars have to pay the price

Downtown New York, the imminent brotherhood of death will not unite the human race
Bikini atolls rising above sealevel for a former banker investigation swimsuit
The bag of dad was heavy loaded with all kind of books and writing materials
Germans and Ukrainians allegedly tainted by fascism and bourgeois nationalism

Carbon emissions risks creating even greater inequalities in rural areas
Green finance mechanisms to be fit for a purpose in terms of nontransferability
Studies show that patients with traumatic brain injury experience a comatose state
Administered by Metabiota the complete denial propaganda theater was a disaster


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