Orange Revolution

Photographer documents realized one-dimensional the imagination of refugees
Opened up a massive can of philosophical worms, a trance among spirits
Struck a reindeer-skin and birchwood rune drum with a reindeer-antler hammer
A brass ring would move across to surface racist and anti-indigenous language

Triggering billions of dollars for traders who bet on the London Metal Exchange
Took over the dreams of many travellers crossing the mediterranean with tea cups
Walk and talk yourself into my life with an exhausted desire for so called freedom
Knowing me knowing you we will never end up in a psychosomatic caravan home

The Russians watched the US and NATO unilaterally pull out of such parties
Without any thinking wrote another piece on the economic sexual repercussions
The power of Foucault is operating on a quite different level in theories
Toilet armed India accidentally fired a missile into nuclear armed Pakistan

White widow a gameset for the table tennis world of Ping Pong Shah
A pornographic magazine published flagellation at home and at school
Violence became a basic instinct of lost souls forgotten and deported to Eden
Dream limitless seductive power in following the path of an ideal lover

They killed horses around the hour of midnight, nature is a strange reality
Making something for you, it is exciting getting into people's passions
What if pleasures are an empty shell of lost thoughts for brain food
It is all a matter of making yourself available for a few american dollars

Existence in terms of the state crystallised in leaders and ideologues
Human errors has caused petty accidents in a neighbourhood of Rotterdam
Spartan revolutions made a lot possible on the white sandy beaches of Greece
Long forgotten happy endings of useless transformations turn around the same

Orange desert wine made of grapes and honey flowed in between her vulva
A pleasure to drink at the table mountain with the Danish royal collection
At the same time a symbol of colonisation and unequal power relations
Southern chicken wings were hanging crossed in the art gallery of Bethlehem

The whip lashed on the back of the white horse running the grain mill
Depicting peasants as counterrevolutionaries who hid grain and potatoes
Personal memoires written by a sympathetic foreigner recognized at once
Milk produced at the local farmhouse was treated with some chocolates

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