Oligarch Orgies
some details in the letters

a product comprised primarily of images bypasses your cognitive thinking
emotional expression, problem solving, memory, judgement, and sexual behavior
important functions encoding memory, processing emotions and visual perception
reading involves a multitude of brain regions in the temporal and frontal lobes

no central body being pressured to make a profit in order to run servers
photos and videos make up images of illusionary stages printed on paper
tivoli park looked bright after swimming in the long and winding tunnel
through the rivers of time all memories arise everytime again and again

augmented reality and metaverse: building metrics that matter for the mind
highs and lows of fighting to have passionate sex and feel close a partner
measuring all the time what might happen in a dark futuristic theater
a masochist sees personal pain and sacrifice as a means to gain validation

one hierarchy of authorities makes decisions for the whole system
seeking a measure of the value of kopeks against a basket of currencies
broad-based market integration has widened the avenues through Pisa
building walls against the tide of sea waves rolling in over land

exhibitionism is addictive in the business world of networking people
the nature of sexuality is a very real spiritual reality to connect to
lifeforce energy a natural-born rebellion against traditional ideas
empowerment rejuvenation radiance connectedness nourishment

built a lot of sand castles hardwired in human brains to develop stimuli
visual tube brain processes images 60,000 times faster than corn kernels
excavated by conventional techniques, including both drilling and blasting
all tones wore a relatively narrow way through the bare rock music lyrics

daily glacier express trains between Zermatt and the ski resort of St. Moritz
the poem is here my jacket now, do feel free with it whatever you want
magician or ventriloquist of Chaos, primordial principle of the unpredictable art
be an artist who follows and thus writes only that which is also for him

the older high level route was initially closed following the diversion
men can actually detect the smell of a sexually aroused spinster woman
signs the full surrender in a train carriage at Compiègne, just above Paris
millennium bridge, noted for its unique tilting aperture, symbol of love

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