To want a healthy world is to want what the ego sees as a boring world: peace, collaboration and harmony instead of conflict, competition and drama. The fact that egos can't be content without conflict and drama means humanity must transcend egoic consciousness to become healthy.

Our movies, shows and stories all revolve around conflict and drama because most of humanity is enslaved by egoic consciousness, and conflict and drama are what egos find appealing. We're going to have to change that about ourselves to be able to live in a healthy world.

If we remain in the same egoic patterning it wouldn't matter if someone used a genie wish to make the world harmonious and egalitarian today, because we'd just ruin it immediately and return to our old modes of dysfunction. A healthy world can't exist without a conscious humanity.

We're going to have to change, and we're going to have to change in all the ways that are least appealing to the ego. It's a hard sell. But it's also an existential necessity, because we're going to wipe ourselves out if we don't.

And of course a healthy world would not be boring. Peel away the egoic filters on human perception and all of life is clearly seen as thunderously beautiful and endlessly fascinating. The inability to be content with life as it is is just dysfunction born of egoic consciousness.

The universe is becoming more and more perceptive. More and more sentient. More and more capable of knowing itself, to greater and greater degrees of depth, breadth, and complexity. It's like a baby slowly developing self-awareness.

Did you know evening primrose flowers can "hear" bees approaching, and quickly make their nectar sweeter in order to attract them? Perception is happening all around us in the most unexpected ways, in places we'd never even think to look. Life is amazing. The universe is amazing.

The dawn of life allowed the stardust to behold itself for the first time. And as life becomes more and more advanced, the stardust gets better and better at beholding.


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