My Love

In poetry enjoy the turning of the century
Bright open eyes glow in the moonlight
Subjective to imaginary drifting clockworks
Seen within the depth of an ocean wide

Long we sail across the waves of pleasure
Wanting you more close everyday my Lady
Acted stimulated by the nerves in my veins
Magical energy generate letters atop the skin

Dressage is a form of horse riding
A performance of a lively exhibition
Intended to reflect a woodland setting
Tie the horse brace and keep the reins tight

The whip clanged with a hissing whir
Organizing anatomy, optics, botany
Sixty nine times approved observations
Openness and the sharing of one’s discoveries

A mud fight broke out nearby the river
Two birds fighting for the attention
Describing characters is a two-way proces
Lady Godiva is back in the saddle

The horse struck his hoof to the earth
Cashmere sweater, trendy on the mannequin
Any appliqué work in the décolletage
To be a soul mate implies a relationship

Cygnus falconeri, the giant swan landed
Bondage is considered an fine activity
People must find the correct combination
Multiple words express different concepts

Poems have individual clues to their letters
Two-way flow of time is made of great mysteries
Travel between various spiritual worlds
A reference to someone's good qualities

Went to the piano and played Stand by Me
A completely unreleased version published
The dating of the manuscripts themselves
Interwoven yarns of mixed colours

Muted greyish shades with flecks of colour
Most speculation on the phenomenon of love
Localize poems by studying the flora and fauna
Feathers symbol associated with the divine twins

In meditation is a submission goal to be reached
As evidence that the poet who composed it
Intimacy is a form in which two people share
Both the male and female help build the nest

Following your feet for hours along the path
Who matters in literature, look into the canon
Heard and saw the world around her dress
Driven by forces outside conscious awareness

Rendering of terms with a clear English analogue
Love experienced in the modern Danish world
A mermaid and upper body of a female human
Healthy to fixate on another human being

Time spent in fantasy fuels our craving to be
Structured this story as a pancake eating guide
Eternally grateful for the ecstasy brought upon
Humans with a sense of their beating heart

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