Money Slavery

Involve impulses that puzzle the masses
Light a fire is instinctive for human
Consensual use of psychological context
Stay off the hook about any judgments

Kinks vary from person to person
Humiliation can be sexually arousing pride
Rulings, lawsuit and limitations, fill dossiers
Leads to a state of being humbled and submissive

An emotion felt by a person with social status
Trying to commemorate Beijing’s 1989 crackdown
Painting, writing, drawing mortification
Harsh realities of living on streets laid bare

Rural schoolchildren dressed in military uniform
Bombs dropped, napalm and chemical weapons deployed
Sculptures feed off the nostalgia of innocent times
Bright-line rules against restrictive agreements

Improve quality to serve some sectors of the population
Committed suicide by injecting an unidentified poison
Tis a serious job to have things happening
The American campaign killed 20 per cent of the population

Homeless people, brought home how toxic the country has become
So many strands leading into this appalling knot
Nothing can grow in this poisoned wilderness except money
The name for the individual being humiliated is the bottom

Accountability and control as to time spent and activities done
Fantasy and fascination with erotic humiliation is a prevalent part
Sharing something very intimate and very personal with you
Amnesia is surely helping to fuel the current build up of tensions

Men and women expected to go completely naked being objects
Recall the tales of Jesus Christ as he walked among the people
Sex incidents involved various types of lab-created coronaviruses
Many were engineered to allow the study of the human kinks

Saddam Hussein will soon being forbidden to leave the dungeon
Sexual humiliation involves physical inflicting pain to journalists
The Pleasure Gardens created during the Festival of Britain
Permanently resign from all public roles over ties to Epstein

The original home of bondage, and hardcore fetish porn online
Prince Adolf Hitler has been accused of child sexual abuse
Granted access to a sealed financial document we wrote once
Traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange - the ticker symbol AAPL

Why feel shame? Who needs shame? Shame is for losers
Tests of biological and bacteriological weapons in Georgia
Spread the money virus to communities and start an epidemic
Bellicose threats against the North did not start this week

Various therapeutic vaccines invented by private contractors
Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency, without a bank
Sent from user to user on the peer-to-peer sex network
Qualitate qua - relativity theory of language, man & number

Doorways of stony-hearted buildings, in urine-stinking underpasses
A tangle of misery and stupidity and greed and wickedness
Rise above it in a mindful bubble of self-enclosed bliss
A moral understanding that is wider and more clear-sighted

Benefit from cutting the Gordian knot is the one with the sword
Violent revolution as an expression of rage and despair
Many people worry about being ridiculed for their fetishes
Compromise between exhibitionism and reality on the one hand

A requirement to keep online journals detailing personal information
Some forms of humiliation are verbal while others are more physical
Share one of the most humiliating things that you ever could do
Checking the online course "How To Become A Billionaire"

Online the CDC documents on the inspection of the Fort Detrick
One inspector entered a room multiple times without the protection
Animal  Health Inspection Service's Division of Money Mules
A biography of any of them available in the form of a book, read it

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Promethean shame