Monastry Sky

One-piece transparent mesh enough to titillate but remain legal
Made it an art work to expose the evil in the ordinary people
Stars scintillate in the sky with touches of impetuousness
Women in the amateur photos, culture of glorified female bodies

A vulnerability that gives root access on a computer system
Performances abounded in scintillating grace, wondrous shadings
Explore desires and emotions lurk beneath the surface of us all
Braille, a language that enables the blind to read and write

Chopin, Liszt and Schumann distinguish all the qualities
Anything is about sharing people's personal sexual experiences
The Beatles are bigger than Jesus, that really broke the scene
Upstairs and downstairs servants have to serve some illusion

Makes it feel so much better under control of the swan woman
Fishnet's main function is to titillate and tease imagination
Shows of love-making scenes captured by a remote located camera
The shellshocked genius who channelled anarchic brilliance

Under the wings periodic crises of conscience is a way of life
In trance, the court and country reduced to erotic madness
Sparked the development of a close relationship to letters
Great lover of painting the whole human body to serve as book

Stimulate or excite pleasantly to give off pleasure sparks
Private eyes of onlookers edited an eminent cartoon unfolding
Draft of a play about a monk and a woman accused of paganism
Voyeuristic images of a nude female and a birdlike creature

Perfect timing for a limitless imagination of copulation
Editing with adhesive tape the movie frames into a mask
Celebrate the fact of our latest movie, independently shot
Some things can't be erased out of computer memory

The goddess is nude and drawn in a chariot by horses
Minsk fragments in Normandy formated stalemate
Under the radar of an unconsciouness game form appear
Celtic warriors on a scene never can been seen in parallel

Robert Shortypants explored a spatial dance on the floor
The discovery of mutual body heat brilliantly told in words
A rainbow ballroom of romance in New Castle upon Tyne
Plastered old roman walls back into a living theater show

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