Mandela Tax

My mother and other relatives will likely be able to come to Japan
Cracking the leviathan worm in the amazononian rivers was joyous
Felt the sexual release of becoming a true human in civil society
Opportunities to engage strong body mechanics, wellness topics

Ongoing safety education turned everthing into a theater platform
Tik toks in a kitchen closet filled with streaming water falls
Legend has true identity was a nine-tailed fox embedded in lava
Moscow started its green high priced energy project quite abruptly

Confirmation on the natural fronts made in the Cuban revolution
Never got the time to rethink the times in the western hemisphere
Forgotten the local medicines of the african desert blueberry wines
Never made money on expositions made by artificial artistic shows

Children of the post-war era, peace was just a state between wars
Look at the strong and powerful female characters in the Indian world
A dump truck fatally struck a woman on Coop street in the Bronx
1804, a modernizing autocrat, Napoleon Bonaparte, arrested Antoine

An inseparable part of the beating heart, called the arm of the sea
Dirty pipeline is two or more processes that are chained together
Two growing trees bend and adapt to enhance each other’s survival
The burning of Parliament in the year 1966 been fully investigated

Diminishing supplies of foods and crashing wildlife populations
Poor and vulnerable human being suffer of mental health issues
Education should be broad and widely available in mid-sized towns
Transportation of delivered goods on the border of black mountain

The reign of Soleil, the dominator of the edition ends up a Vip
After strapping on your mask and thoroughly sanitizing your chart
Ocean One humanoid robot revolutionize archaeological exploration
American oligarchs account for half of all arms sales worldwide

The couple in the cage, two undiscovered amerindians visit the west
Made a rare public appearance flanked by grinning flight attendants
The fall of insects tiny empires causes whole ecosystems to unravel
Thor services were required to hide american arms business deals

Scientists wonder if robots and drones could stop the ignorance gap
Strongly connected with roots, your deepest thoughts and feelings
Ceremonious procedures attending the arrangement of a proper marriage
An intuitive central paradox of simultaneous strength and weakness

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