Hotel Iris

Visited virtual-reality rooms where avatars were simulating sex
Adult couples abusing animals in local concrete town houses
Characters simulating child sex acts on the floor in big groups
Make improvements and learn about how people interact space

The same analysis fuels similar apocalyptic proclamations
Government censors can block entire websites, hosting providers
Painting Kinmen with the brush of romance pulls the island closer
Japanese translation of Russian fiction in the early sixties

An imaginary line on one side of the axis of action is made
Seductive translations blurs the line between fantasy and reality
A provocative fable about the power of memory and the trauma of loss
Do you understand the national language of what country she speaks?

A history of manufacturing perception for domestic political purpose
Tips and tricks for jump-starting a consistent self-love routine
Stop the comparisons with others and focus on the wonderful life
Know yourself before you can present yourself to your audience

In the Alice in Wonderland world of bubblenomics, bad news is good
Hard work and careful strategy in order to realize your dreams
Learn how to recycle your written content for maximum income goals
Late-night hosts are dropping thousands of dollars on cartoon apes

Living an attention economy in which anything can be financialized
We get deeper into the uncertain metaversal future of certain dreams
Strong privacy and security practices are worthwhile exploiting
This is no vanilla love story to descend into a forbidden relationship

An innocent looking girl staring at a small snake island in the distance
Babushka a symbol of the feminine side of cultural differences
Writing letters and symbols into words of imaginary parallel reality
Steel and concrete structure encasing the radioactive nuclear reactor

End-to-end encryption ensures information turns into a secret message
Boris receives, now use the key to decrypt it into a readable message
Last warning for a waterfall of little angelic drops of summer rain
Censorship on all levels will bring distraction at the wrong towers

The northern girl with a mirror in her hand turns around in the room
Wages for normal work are taxed at higher than winnings from stock bets
American oligarchs have bought influence at the very top of our society
Forgotten indian tribal souls wander over the prairie and in the forests

Salisbury poison came from southern africa in the form of sand grain
The coronation of an ancient king was fullfilled in the dark jungle
Beyond the limits of this singular world existed another dream world
The natural roots of life itself got smeared by a financial complot

Pagan theology seen as disinformation and a cynical ploy to enslave
To unite workers was an ideal to accomplish in an utopian world
Machiavelli told shakespeare to write beethoven to make music
The carradio blasted drum beats of an unknown black african band


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Matryoshka doll