Graveyard Talks

Short overview to keep focussed in real life
Met foreign forces on the afghan grounds
Seen lybians doing a social housing project
Recorded the entire baghdad bombing tragedy

Building up a communist society is difficult
Cubans sanctioned for the last sixty years
Gotta love the american free world of dreams
Total destruction is one way to fulfill desire

Find it easier to play a game of nude chess
Mutual interest in the bondage of nurses
For Sake will lift my arms high up in the dark
It is dangerous opening up your life to others

Hide behind the veils of sexually innocence
Scholars using linguistic, socio-cultural evidence
A spanish cane spanking the glossy beefsteaks
Flying Dutchman refers to the wandering jew of the ocean

Falling into a magic window in between events
Moved motionlessly in bounded female governance
Sell your labor today to buy blow jobs tomorrow
Turn thought and physical work into energy and time

Brutal is the spark of innovations and efficiencies
Words matter when a person wants them to matter
The domesticating aspect involves the coordination
Induced trance and the shape reality assumes hostage

Behind the crosses on the graveyard flowers grew
Stay sane against all the inducements of the wicked
Emphasized the usefulness of coca leaves to combat hunger
Laboratories find the cause of the pharmacological action

Tyranny hides behind a benevolent mask and disguises itself
Viewers to take pleasure in someone else’s humiliation
A political agenda without opposition from the citizenry
Governments dictate what words can and cannot be used

Where words have meanings, and ideas can be dangerous
The old art of investigative reporting has largely been lost
Very dangerous walkings on the highlands of the Andes
Reflection of mirrors surrounded by yellow brown uranium

Safety at the door before entering into the Other world
Black birds low in the sky will lead the way out the abyss
The fructification of death to life in spring time
Begin to uncover the history behind a senseless tragedy

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