Governmental Misanthropy

The structure is closed at the back and open in the front
Short station platforms have become unsuitable for trains
The family follow the Saga-style coach around the islands
A black girl from Senegal becomes a servant in France

Healthcare and Dental care are two separate entities
Both the voyeur and exhibitor for the insurance company
Focus on fear, withdrawing oneself from the negative influence
An experience of abusing and taking advantage of humans

Governmental computer systems are made to have workers pay
Students during a protest of the whites-only bowling party
Money for surveillance capitalism paid with government tax
Freedom from influence, the ability to do things by oneself

Guardians of the distributional status quo of attention
Monopolising governments for clean energy transitions
A giraffe has a black tongue twenty-seven inches long
Exhibitionist is a politician in a virtual reality show

Anti-BDSm laws and resolutions oppose economical boycotts
So called monogamous political relationships switching
Obedience both to an authority and to the idea of Authority
BDSm uses the framework of freedom, justice, and equality

Decarbonising shipping and reducing plastic pollution
Combating illegal fishing on communication networks
Individuals vie for leadership with differing visions
Human relationships have become more and more toxic

To avoid any unwanted attention pretend to be a local
Coordinating monetary international scientific research
Biodiversity in the ocean is equal to tropical rainforests
Consciousness, perception of reality, a human in universe

Higher labour costs with higher prices, triggering demand
Building local communities to share services and tools
The power of capital to divide and conquer human workers
Concepts of distributed computing are particularly relevant

Learning from experiments of the postwar era in spring
Take over as chief whip in a mac donald's milkshake
A giraffe know why he is roaming the glittered fields
Imperial Russia represented a X-shaped drawn crossroad

Red lines appeared on the back of a white horse running
Distorted manipulation of dividing timezone realities
A ritualistic display of canines of the dominant male
Fox hunting in the scottish mountains has been a succes

Parallel parliamentary organisations advising ministers
Pioneer an ambitious strategy to make the garden greener
Transparent windows might give a better world vision
Ideas expand when someone has a larger social network

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