Gorrila glue

The decline of mixed bathing is proof that standards are declining
Intentionally demonise, caricature and demoralise opponents
Crocodiles spend long periods immersed in the water looking around
A manipulative discourse construction that facilitates a fog of war

The metropolis worker bee constantly scanning the room for female bathers
Brought new red tape on some bodyparts to distinguish the separations
Human treated like commodities from an early age an economical model
One fits for all workers on a timely basis to secure high incomes

Like ducks in a row acting as the new global emperors with no clothes
A majority of the British population voted to join the lego block game
Russia’s isolation compares to the ostracisation of apartheid South Africa
A walk from Craster past the ruins of Dunstanburgh Castle is beautiful

The inevitable result of the revolutionary shocks all of Europe suffered
By the end of the year £1984 had been spent, and work continued for years
Protected on one side by the sea cliffs, with a stone curtain painted wall
Taunted Jesus on the way to the crucifixion before the walk back to Earth

Futuristic images made by thousands of black birds appeared in the skies
In Near Asia, to be communicated in a more subtle, and less activistic way
Sofa designers providing handmade furniture made from 100% natural material
Learning to navigate the global landscape and interact with factory workers

Ethically sourced materials are determined by the very nature of letters
The Russian footprint on the various wooden floors made the light dance
Cold water fountains promising an eternal flow of spiritual energy
Undressed the military offensive into multiple squares on the chessboard

Going to Jerusalem mainly for major feasts in order to maintain balance
A woman denied any human contact and kept in a modern production dungeon
Above the high mountain in the Andes shells started to travel worldwide
Jungle project to study the transfer of pathogens by migrating wild birds

Instead of writing letters in words, made several large earthly line designs
Easter islands birds with chop-stick were squattering along a fishing boat
Plastic baths in all kind of colors were littered all over the market place
An inflamable crocodile being used to carry the children over the sea waves

Officially controlled the vestiments of the High Priest in the Antonia Fortress
Libertines distribute incendiary pamphlets openly outside the palace of equality
Facilitate load-out gold requests in New York and London to expose inventories
The book of the cock has a privileged place in the antiquity of the traditions


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