Gas Corona

One must never forget that every television minute has been edited
Our country is involved and in the driver’s seat of the local power system
The viewer does not see the actual event but the edited form of the event
Hegemonic structure can never boil down to one shared control to appease

Hitler, a ruler put into power by the U.S. and U.S. banks and corporations
Separate the masses, not the rulers out of a psychological circus stunt
Government is calling a clash between Yanomanis and Venezuelan soldiers
A sculpted and planned takeover, not out of control, a quest for position

Displaying the red and white Peruvian colors throughout the entire world
An initiation ritual into a mystery cult forming revelations and sacraments
Sailed the seven seas and conquered every corner reached by Inca civilization
Enslaved the wills and whims of all who had to do with the wine of Mariachi

Remind us, prosecutors and defense counsel at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
The phrase “crimes against humanity” coined by Joseph Stalin’s prosecutor
Block out intellectual honesty and reason in favor of adopting ignorance
Switched formal relations of the commoners of each region in the empire

Any and all speak out against the state today, risk the loss of all assets
A court legally condemns Putin because of what is seen on cable television
Covering up a fascist partnership under the control of all monetary policy
The destruction of the entire financial system through the Russian army

Censorship of all communication by the state to retain control of the people
The difference between money, gold and silver, and unbacked fiat currencies
Western central banks and their governments have been fiddling the books
Attention for Germany, Italy and Japan, still de facto occupied territories

The unilateral sanctions made dollars and euros worthless to South Africa
Cult of the coca plant took root in Paris as it never been imagined
All claiming to describe the true acts and words of Jesus or his apostles
Differences in interpretation concerned fundamental points always were present

Brands as part of spiritual practice to being in deep prayer or meditation
Coca leaves as plasters on open wounds or burns in order to alleviate pain
Full integration of whom you are make up the psychological definition
Pope Leo XIII sent Maria a golden medal with approval of the use of coca

Communism and Fascism combined to form a complete controlling structure
Travesty of public education and indoctrination of all factory workers
To live an intimate connection between cruelty and the sexual instinct
All the sovereign rights misunderstood over what was said by the apostles

Eternal, undivided motion, all-powerful, formless, unlimited by limitation
Please update your unit file, and consider removing the setting altogether
Adventures of Livingstone and Stanley in Africa attracted world attention
Candle patented the way to bottle carbonated beverages and made Coca Cola

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