Game Set

Games have taken possession of the calendar
Occupants of the old boy's gothic mansion
A distinguished but now-crippled pianist dies
Barriers are to think of it as a castle wall

They cannot see behind the curtain anymore
Hide and seek for those with the greatest skill
Remarkable samples from an ancient culture
The glue lice use to adhere eggs to hair strings

South Americans employed to try and rid themselves
Newly discovered resource for learning much more
Rumors played a larger role in the case than evidence
Breaking a window to re-enter the House of Commons

Used to track the four-year cycle of athletic games
Scanning inside fragments of the crust-encased mechanism
To follow the movements of the Moon and the Sun
Generally referred to as the first known analogue computer

Flowers across the space where the house had stood
The basic operation of the home is no longer a mystery
Each worker cooperative may choose its modus vivendi
Formulated by a management periodically elected by workers

O2 is the same as Oxygen sweet princess of the rainbow
We invade America and take the Q bomb away
Which was intended to be our beautiful future
People do fear the Tower of Power

As much as I do to write about all I see
Chances are you’ve had a rough experience
The trouble is, you’re the only friend on the surface
The silent duet of two internal monologues

A conversation between two potential lovers
Converting oxygen into carbon dioxide
Subtle intonational shifts and adjusting
Empathy, positivity, and an emotional connection

Speculated on the connection between mirrors
There is a fountain flowing deep and wide
Show the door to ecstasy in spring with a port wine
Semen leaks out of the side of your mouth

The smile has more than one master to show
Typically an amateur pornographic video recording
Smiling at times of genuine pleasure connections
A behind-the-scenes video in costume was revealed

The doors of illusions made tricks in the mind
Rooms seem to spin after you’ve stopped moving
Standing at the motionless center of merry-go-round
Corpus callosum connects left and right hemispheres

A silent duet of eyes follows reading other minds
Gaze monitoring perceptions flow into the eyes
Follow the movement of the floating black circles
Running a mini-simulation on some to anticipate

A human contains with some strange bedfellows
The act of interpretation is closer to a reflex
Just like that, nobody’s having sex any more
Three scientists have fallen into emotional crises

Encounter the same mysterious phenomena as an amateur
No need for other worlds, seek justification in mirrors
A collection of inexplicable but true incidents
The emptiness of human speech dissolves semen on lips

The matter of erotic or spintrian chain development
Life cannot be lived in social networks or video calls
The threat posed by the relentless march of technology
For the man who saw the angel of the rainbow rising up

Trespassing of the border between nature and mankind
A vision of the future and the relation between man
The one who invented a new language, true to nature
Wired to see smiles as a sign of internal happiness

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Book of Flats
Long the crown jewel on the engineer's crown as the ultimate status symbol