Dole Money

Computer systems made by humans for burocrats without soul
A taxi waiting for the cleaning girl of the tax department
Working for five pounds a day make it a beautiful life
The sense of all the hard work is represented in public life

Be a good servant for government, for the ultimate orders
Everything in the small toilet was bought at the Amazon store
Paper rolls to print the lyrics of secret messages to keep
Windows are to be broken into hundreds little sand mirrors

The biggest monkey farm worldwide producing yellow bananas
Snitched is the immigrant show for pure chocolate delights
The Hand of God made it possible to stay alive in number 10
Peppa pig sniffing out the metropolitian police officers

The teenagers snatched by the controlling officer in charge
A friend thrown out of the camel caravan of Egyptian origin
Produce some vegetables in the rented industrial property
Make circular and figure movements on the vertical surface

Hippopotamus sung a dream you dream alone is only a dream
Down Streeting staff issued to set life coaching goal stage
Mabel, why don't you cover the financial scam scheme up ?
Converted dozens of hives to produce royal jelly summer

Gradually begins the relationship with a business magnate
Sign a non-disclosure agreement from revealing any details
Now your dirty mind has been opened to the wonderous world
A small leather industry grew into fashionable existence

Greasy dolls inbetween the trees and cows and buttercups
Smooth reflective surfaces offer sensual optic feelings
Thunder in the forest re-echoed the sound of electric beings
Back in the office the cleaning girl took off her skirt

A dream you can dream together will make it a real scheme
Glorious mud, nothing quite like it for cooling the blood
Wonder now what is to stay of the masochistic labour scene
On and offline methods exploited to achieve active influence

Unexpected tales of uncensored politicians talking aloud
They let the policemen partake in eating the body of evidence
Stocked a variety of toys, furniture and gear for car games
Cheerful masks and innocuous remarks to make conversation

Bold hippopotamus was standing one day on the riverbanks
Bergamot, lemon, iris, jasmine, rose, patchouli, tonga beans
The flagship product was prepared to cover up everything
Fanny shaped bottle topper inspired by a piece of silverware

Burocrats without soul made human computer controlsystems
Thank God, it is only friday just before the sun day mess
Experiments suggest vision and specific hidden feelings
Heavily abused are all cleaning girls waiting for taxis

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