Dole Art

A free and wild mouse or a house mouse, sexual domination
Stepping into the Other world behind the Iron curtain
The motormouse on the english highway with an apple phone
In a silk blouse found a passage inbetween two mountains

Imagine being called Pluto with a dark theaterical fantasy
Collected all natural minerals for color printing on paper
Papyrus keep rolling with the world's number one seducant
Recording devices used in the Inca Empire were high tech

Shibari and the khipus are closely related in natural conscience
Knots and knot clusters, cord and cord grouping into reality
Accounting for deeds within deeds made the body colorful
A mind map is a diagram used to represent words, ideas, tasks

Truth causes pain, shows everything about the character of people
A masked ball with mobile telephones filming the nude guests
Computers process immense amounts of information by manipulation
Bondage of a quantity of data using only knotted and dyed strings

Emphasizing the relations of markedness and semantic coupling
Tied all the secret information in the strings, knots and colors
Remarkable, three-dimensional fabricated texts formed poems
Every roadsign can be read and understood in any language

You could experience something that you have never felt before
The styled shaft held by the figure symbolize thunder and lightning
Considerable light on procedures, practices and intellectual traditions
Open up the fruit that gives nectar to design the flower in yourself

The ritual dance is called for the cat and mouse to play together
An adventurous human counting all the petals in a tulip bouquet
All expectations received for actions performed in the present time
Our journey to Ithaka gives people experience, knowledge, and maturity

A rare emotion touches the inner spirit and your body mirrors reaction
Effigy faces and anthropomorphic figures with the heads of condors
Each knotted square represents a character in the form of music notation
Phonetic decipherment of a tree filled with ripe apples and pears

Prevented Spanish authorities from understanding the intercepted messages
Salomon at the University of Harare shaved every little papyrus hair clean
Ayllu were self-sustaining social units that educate their own children
Based a sushi restaurant in the heart of London for all the food trade

Pacha Kamaq is believed to have created the first living man and woman
Bright scarlet to brick-red seeds became a edible fruit or vegetable plant
Cinnabar been used for its color since antiquity in Indian Holi festivals
Writing, drawing, pictures are closely related if not identical concepts

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