Criminal Homeless

In the mind of a master writing the bible of fantasy
An immediate pathway for individuals to come indoors
Commercial trades have to be fullfilled by your soul
Never to be lazy again, part of the global machine

No escape from being unhappy and commercialized
Again turned into a zombie on the global market stage
Stock exchanged trade to trade, steps up higher
Blood flowed over the dancing floor while you return

Farmland full of animals in grey, colorless creatures
To be exploited is a destination of the human race
Wealth to wreck havoc is the purpose of neoliberalism
Across southern Africa infected with the brain disease

Bushmen walked along the windy rivers till love's end
Worldly events went unnoticed in his proper bright mind
Natural as ever, conscious of the worldly sex illusion
Dominating the forces of gravitational untrusted wavers

Carbon War Room missions to stimulate oily businesses
Destruction of the natural lowlands into black deserts
Minds went dumb and deaf for the coming icy storms
Frozen in time, a wish for dreamlike meta image worlds

Unable to read letters, words or numbers on the wall
Converted into historical biblical stone farmlands
The coalition government to get Zimbabwe back on its feet
Meet with the abusive organization called The Elders

Vultures disguised as angels circling around the fields
Generating a list of content irresistible ideas for sale
Your target audience will love to die in your arms
Teabagging in video games is the ultimate solution

Counter-Strike originated from multiplayer communities
Practice in Quaker games such as the Nationalistic Trust
Ice cubes poured into the glass of scottish whistleblower
Blueberry came out of the trove of consensual databases

Consider to be a part of bad sportsmanship or harassment
Groups in the communities to give Voice to the Low Lands
Right wings falling down in the warm champagne bubbles
Drunken with a fear for their own existencial being

Lost for eternity in the holes of a golden golf cartridge
Unability to recount the evil seeds, exchange bit coins
Mon Santo was a hero on the patagonian biblical highland
The For God shaken fields of lost paradise of writing

Never to come back into the state intended to arrive
A station too far from the northumberland beachfront
Golden hearts cannot be won by going to the purple casino
Underground waterfalls of unlimited minerals values

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