I'm going to apply as a CRM Consultant, put thoughts to zero all day

with unconditional love you are connected with each other in freedom;
you can both be completely yourself, indicate your limits and needs
and you still love each other and yourself regardless of the outcomes.

make the check as loving as possible; you are not doing anything wrong, it is
just interesting to know. and also if you feel some self-criticism
stand up: no problem. try to be as gentle with yourself as possible,
and if that doesn't work, you can try to be gentle again.
it doesn't have to work, just trying is enough.

committing psychological suicide by entering the service of society
participate in the destructive machinations of protocols and guidelines
providing an incentive for robotization is converted into money
unburdening all lost employees by writing them off

to come to a creative rearrangement in relation to the loss
everything bet on monetary values ​​without any notion of being human
destroy the engine of creativity so that everything feels synchronous
with statistics we can judge what the worker will choose

the connecting link between parties during the reintegration process
in the scrum way of working we destroy all human excrement
prepared to set the table with church glassware and napkin
suffocating air fills the office located on the highway of death

with masochistic ability it is reasonable life in the virtual world
devoid of gas lights I stay in the psychologist's office
waiting for what is to come is such a nice statement that no one can answer
I wonder what our intellectual psychologist will brew from that

uninhibited of negative influences I travel through the wooden fairyland
clear of forest paths with trees resembling wood where there are chests
made from a space inside to read in the spaceless newspaper
publication time made productions with nude photos all over the internet

meaningless the preconceived ideas of progress of the peoples of love
a demise of everything and everyone living on earth frequencies
flying around in a sky of irresistible contradictions
log in to the app with your code, fingerprint or via facial recognition

thoughts just disappeared after a few seconds. so i had the choice to
write it down ASAP, or just put up with it and hope it
wasn't important. there was no room in my head for the past
or the future, so I couldn't care less about that either. There was only room
for the moment.

do you recognize this? dry food that just keeps floating through your head.
feeling like you're lost in your own thoughts, like you're stuck
in a web of thoughts. one thought follows another and
there seems to be no end to it.

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