Computer Love

Memories effectively get rewritten every time activated
Bees Knees is made with gin, fresh lemon juice, and honey
Dream memories are being rewritten with each passing day
Attributes can be read and written via the dream time

The external dream is fetched from the remote human
Starbucks figured out a way to produce this feeling
An autonomous system, operating on conscious will
Instruments launched with masterful speed and precision

A phobia of bees, fear of heights and a fear of flying
Captured on Polaroids before memories fade to black
The newest revision of the standard, called Harmony
Same Origin Policy is an important security boundary

Rise from the dark and desolate valley of segregation
Majestic heights of meeting physical with soul force
Come to realize that destiny is tied up with destiny
Points made no sense under reigning scientific orthodoxy

Traces of the pinprick in some alternative storage system
Prohibited from directly accessing sensitive data
Street Zero at the old starbucks building on Grainger
Riding the reaction against the costs towards net zero

Solutions for the implementation of the written protocol
In town a fresh layer of snow blanketing the ground
An actor-observer effect giving the benefit of the doubt
Maintain a positive view and rationalize away behaviors

Cancel the coffee beans to be crushed in a windmill
Time will come for a secure apartment on the seaside
Green revolution in the backyard, the tree of fortune
Preparing to welcome an influx of new first-year students

A complex view of psychological connectedness across time
Traveled various way stations starting with the eardrum
Imagination is fundamental in a lost world of mice
The snake scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark

How to execute the freezing response without any training
Public imagination after 9/11, anthrax and dirty bombs
Entrance to a building and create a squat for homeless people
To get personal data removed from any international databases

Love a legal right to the keys to all encryption services
An inside person in every organised crime group in the country
Keep your memories alive at Valentine's day with our cross
The concept of a surrounding wall is understood as protective

Present a selection of articles read by professional comedians
The 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties
Gremlins want to cause trouble and deceive people in love
London in the rain, a black cat walking the streets alone

Passionate progress relies on risk-taking at the frontier
A commitment to be transparent in governing the country
By all means, stay optimistic, enthusiastic, and brave
Walk on the grass, and smash the ball to the other side

Unwilling to accept the premise outside of consciousness
Crucial processes below the radar of surface perception
The otter and the R value, together 60 years in the canal
Passionate efforts aid in creating space to get closer

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