Commerce Hell

Exhibitionism is the act of exposing in a public
Sexually molested children grow up to be offenders
Smartphones and tablets have permitted nude selfies
Streaking, destruction, drinking, and rock dances

The danger consist only in the earthquake itself
Lethal breaths either emitted from chasms
Harmless only to the priest of the Great Mother
In the neighborhood of zero degrees Fahrenheit

Hear the mutterings of all your fears
Parodied in a Peanuts comic strip, Snoopy
James Earl Carter served on numerous submarines
Ran naked across Lord's during an Ashes Test

Carvings of naked women displaying an exaggerated vulva
Conscious of the potential for naughty feelings
Flushed the toilet a couple of times and went out
Scientific exploration is an inherent sense of incompleteness

Irish Antiquities at the National Museum of Ireland in Dublin
Sheela Na Gig represents the doorway to her temple
Forming the shape of a triangle and then of a circle
The rise and fall of the tides of the sea is mysterious

Men would refuse her advances, except for one man who accepted
Unravelling an Enigma in front of your eyes
Images carved on castles serving a religious purpose
Contemporary women stop perceiving their own corporeality

Sexual attraction is a response to another person
Bruno is the biggest and oldest of the group
Super cool, we can figure out the kind of environment
One of her wandering priests was killed for his attempt

Become the biggest Austrian superstar since Hitler
How would you have preferred a person to react in the act
King Osama looks like a dirty wizard or a homeless Santa Claus
Practice involving one person observing, often from concealment

A friend watched through a window from outside the house
Sunset the world goes below the earth to the parts of Heaven
The lunar difference is manifold, and to begin with practical
A perfect match, his little penis too, curled over like an acorn

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