Chinita Forever

Provocative actions were folded in aluminium
Yellow colored bikini's in the sunshine
Establishing surveillance and power projection
Fred LasStair dancing on the filmscreen tape

Social Censorship with the Voice of Holland
Just enjoy how we bring you to the attention
Some Suicide is Painless in Nuclear Games 2022
A psychological theater for raising awareness

Cannot remember what it be the Heart or Soul
Flowing through the air on a Persian carpet
Oh those Russian folkdances make you wibble
Imagination is all what we need my sweet Lady

Looking out of the television tower's window
Flickering light shines in the mirror's eye
Paul is playing guitar under the banana tree
Sounds so soft as the traffic of Londonderry

Brexit Bolus is on its way in the submarine
Along the Tube discovered an idea to change
Station to station, the bicycle goes Eco
Waiting against the Tree for the Powers to Be

Seen your Future, seen you Pastures filled
This viking never went away from its ship
Walking in sunshine on the Triple frontiers
Guess the Public is a place of dancing

Learning how to translate all the words
Within a heart that yearns for some Love
My dear Feather, how you found the mouse race
Flew away into the air of flowers in spring

Great Lion of Africa how can you eat so much
Omicron went along into the heart of America
Mainstream down the Orinoco river disappeared
Monkey snow white wandering in concrete sand

Courage is hurting your feelings deep inside
Printed letters to produce a chocolate box
Pandora was packed deep in the cobalt mine
Certification of only true natural products

Saddened by the emptiness in human existence
Louder as the bubbling noise in the wine cellar
Something gets further when it dissolves
Stories continue until homes are built in clay

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