Candy Man

Beautiful women are part of a secret plot hatched by warlords
Nothing about Syria, yet for Ukraine they are grief stricken
Disney without a formal position on pending -Don't Say Gay- law
Windows echo your reflection of mistyfied pictures on a plate

Lost in conversation you preferred to close your developing mind
Never seen someone more pretty and beautiful in a short moment
A momentary lapse of realization beyond the royal veils of treason
Keeping one step ahead of the persecutor within my own imagination

The law of the jungle and the sea are your only truthfull teachers
Amazonian inroads to cut the trees abundant with lush fruits
Felt like walking into the kingdom paradise of a lost civilisation
Stumbled back into the current dreamworld of westernized reality

Sales on every corner of copied paperback stories trapped in a box
Feeling my roots, will let them grow once again into sound and text
No one can stop the rain that has to fall before our very eyes
Special brain cells signal when to start memories of real growth

.See someone walking into a room, white fainted in between the walls
Think it might go crazy before we see the red lines appearance
No sexual preferences can be compared to constructed life itself
Long been appreciated in psychology that memory is not continuous

Undersea springs crucial for the survival of the Rapa Nui people
Massive stone statues built in one week by flying metal birds
Carefully constructed film sequences and the recording took place
Migrant street vendors in Alexandria threatened to fight back

Analysis of satellite observations show forest is losing stability
A dialogue, instead of living in informational bubble without oxygen
In broad terms it includes right and left wing factions and fantasies
Spreading explosively red-hot radioactivity across the countryside

Moments of artistic and cultural interconnectedness in crossroads
Witness to horror of tying oneself up into a spiral of utter madness
Red beans are an easy-to-make snack that you'll crave again and again
Mental health care include the lack of trust in the psychiatry system

Private sector actors are directly bound by the First Amendment
This is not an anti nazi struggle, it is the oligraphic war on life
The next king would need to be a modern version of a desert warlord
Funding helped preclude people from building a grassroots network

Character designs and impeccable ability to express the female form
Sledgehammered down a little Berlin 1989 in every pizza restaurant
Ban corporations paying taxes in Russia from the U.S. stock market
Facebook joined a handful of the world's most repressive regimes

Cutting off its citizens from the world's largest social network
The ball is topologically equivalent to an apple computer system
A visionary managed to adapt style with the fashion and technology
The rug pulled out from under them at any time chosen by Alexa

Journalism powerfully hold governments and corporations to account
Automated schedules use sophisticated algorithms to rotate employees
Kiev pioneered a robot that move shelves around a warehouse by lifting
Put in a cage, reached in with gardening shears and cut their balls off

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