Book of Flats
Long the crown jewel on the engineer's crown as the ultimate status symbol

Preconditioning of audience unused to critical thinking, first essential step
Typed a social note on an envelope wishing a Happy Easter to the librarian
Anything out the vault at Threadneedle Street disappeared in the debtridden banks
Sir Patrick served both as public health official and a pharmaceutical executive

Norman the Mouse escaped the laboratorium facility and went by train to Italy
International harmony could be harmed if the lab leak theory took hold
Search for freedom and happiness on a television quiz show at Frankenstein castle
Champion Twenty-One is transported from a secure bank vault to the studio

Merchant mentality taking hold, left us numbed, unsure of what or who to believe
Playing God with humanized mice to test how virus creations would affect humans
Red flowers of buckwheat blossom and blanket large swaths of farmland fields
Sent a raven to scratch up the ground and show how to cover up all the corpses

Difficult for a collector to obtain a representative example of production specimen
Mental corruption deeply ingrained in a feudal mindset of free thinking people
Twenty-One was a fixed operation, takes full responsibility for rigging the show
Swimming in the sea among pieces of wreckage,grasping piece after another

Beautiful women created with the magic of dreamer's genius visited the bird nest
Everything is void, frail, visionary and delusive as a mirage in clear conscience
Before time, death wiped you from the face of the earth like the mice underground
Apple and orange trees bear frogs and lizards instead of fruit, a freedom to think

Nearby Palazzo dei Conservatori, a monumental wide-ramped stair, the cordonata
Norman the Mouse encountered a horse and a donkey both in a carnival costume
The roman holiday depicts a woman placing her hand in the mouth of a statue
After some minutes looking at the two paintings Norman felt an inner happiness

Controlling the strings of the political class puppets worldwide, the food crumbs
In order to test the seawaters for the original conflict between sweet and salt
All chemical compounds struggling to survive in a perpetual motionless state
Searching to dominate the cat and mouse play, the horse asked the donkey to paint

Bound dominated solar magnetic corona structures, visible characteristic shapes
Social machine's magnetic field structures evolve in response to fluid motions
Occurrence frequency of coronal mass ejeculations and flares of anger and fear
Events themselves are highly sensitive on the phase of the solar cycle turns

Women dressed in leather, crowds of half-naked traditional dancers on display
Leaping in clouds of dust to consult spirits of the dead to find the madmen
Zimbabwean bird symbol, a cultural extension of the national shrine exposed
The choice to believe something else than the correct view becomes natural

Media propaganda only serves to deepen trends in dehumanising computer games
The game is not economical seeking, protection, peace and restoration of ethnicity
Historical homelands forgotten territories of once thriving cultural societies
Construct a genealogically coherent whole, on remnants of earlier generalizations

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