Athens Heaven

Planting red crosses in the garden
Admitted to the Emperor's intimate circle
The whole body was tied up by ropes
Natural History is dedicated to Titus

Horse-star horses manes in very rapid motion
Private parts of the constellations
Celebrating in honour of Mother Venus
Nights of Africa are dewy in summer

A solid dense mass rises like an object swelling
Omicron Scorpii is mentioned as a possible member
Viewing the voluptuous sculptures in the bathtub
Strip naked and ride on a horse through the streets

Increased miniaturisation of hidden cameras
We are being watched, filmed, recorded anytime
Treatment may not be required for most voyeurs
Whistle down the wind, children should see

We three kings of Orient are naughty in the core
Specifically called the Disciples in the film credits
Looked up from our verses like blindfolded captives
Into the rich gardens and sophisticated workshops

A ceremonial suite known as the Palace of Daphne
Archangel holding a sceptre and a globe topped by a cross
Cautioned against imposing travel restrictions
A monk he devoted himself to study and teaching

Mounted on a horse with one hoof raised
Paved the way for the revival of the study
Method of calculating in use amongst the Indians
A victory significant requires making it meaningful

Problems in interpreting prophetic meaning of sculptures
Other known pagan places of worship were destroyed
A look at the paparazzi pictures of the celebrities
Glitter on glitter, gleam on gleam, crowned with the diadem

Any doubt about the force of breath has no place
Green leaves are seen to be absolutely spherical
Transparency of the liquid and its fluidity on its level
Become a human and get a first taste of sexual stimulation

Slept on a thousands islands, the story of a flood
The thorn-apple was awesome, its advance was constant
A journey through time, space, imagination, pleasure
Translations from Arabic into Greek and from Greek into Arabic

Chariot-racing had been important in London for centuries
Getting dangerously close to the elected dictatorship
Produce as many as 20,000 words in 10 seconds
Bulged with dozens of passionate bloodshot eyes

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