Appreciating Beauty

Soaking wet rabbits stalking in the rain
A Scottish former railway station
By telephone getting things together
The systematic purge of culture in the late 1930s

After being chased by armed government agents
The chronic pain that the woman have suffered
Hands covering the face of moonlighting
Only purpose of people is to drug themselves

Nonsensical as a gateway to greater happiness
Connections are being monitored by the State
Ended with the members of the conspiracy being killed
Submissive and docile wifes who conform blindly

Science fiction elements are only lightly explored
The first to put an inquisitive eye to a crack
A child, who is looking for libidinous purposes
Boys and girls are working in a different reality

Communicate most secret thoughts to any other person
Chords in the sense of simultaneous production of sounds
The prospect of introducing a third dimension
Become increasingly attracted by the submissiveness

Words becames windows to the Soul when they got printed
Purely graphic and unplastic rendering of latex clothing
Surrounding and encircling the whole of a moisture body
Pouring forth and reabsorbing the waters and pasturing

Lust is the cause of degeneration, beauty in life grows
Continues to captivate and enthrall five hundred years later
On the other side of Cadiz, from the same Western point
Under the pillars which Titus calls the gates of Gates

Two to hold the sky away from the googling Earth
Voyeurism for the protagonist and for the spectator
Heavily proclaimed in propaganda but not particularly real
Gross reduction of the erotic and the aesthetic representation

Artists and scientists, capable of creating lifelike robots
Loud rock music playing as if to cover screams
We can make a judgment about good and bad art
Every animated creature to enable the creature to stay alive

Hormones released by the pituitary activate adrenaline
Sparking fresh worry in financial markets about the trajectory
Dancing girls becoming infamous throughout the ancient world
Organism is habituated to it because it is deemed not a threat

Strike a wall, and make an extreme physical gesture
The left hemisphere of nearly all the language modules
Serve as a warning to sailors and navigators to go no further
Now experience another golden age from its new importance

Near the Red island of the Sunset, ships were destroyed
Beating himself up before they put him on the ventilator
Anti-mask babies would have lasted a minute in the blitz
Lost in thought, on a journey, perhaps sleeping awake

Repeated in columns along the original scroll, more than a word
Dora was the first stage on the sea route from Carthage to Sardinia
Witness the display of a trait that guarantees superior genes
Short, slippery, all-purpose words that resemble children’s play bubbles

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