African Destruction

So you love to watch the holocaust movie in Africa
Free on every major television channel worldwide emited
Little kids starving from hunger when you yerk comfortable
The normal western humanoid wants everything for their own

This lovely game of killing each other gotta rake in money
Money is what we live for everyday, you have no feelings
Empty in your souls you become a machine running on porn
Suspended from any interaction the corona drives you deeper

Building up algae from the deep oceans all destroys itself
Not worth of anything anymore irresponsible of feelings
Starting out to kill each being in the machine
Total control of the useless plankton, the whale devours

Breaking off the artic ice to put into poisioned red wine
Chemical connected entities will drive forward insane
No love anymore for anybody, just machines to operate
Ice cold without feelings you wait for nothing at all

Your machine cries for love, irreversible lost forever
Destructive as ever you seek to find sense in death
Investment into the material world you find pleasures
Greedy business of unloving animals in the urban jungles

Hatred to grow with the american experiment of control
No way out for the ignorant ones seeking confirmation
Sticking up a new cigarette to smoke out the mosquitos
Utter undistinct garbage all around your useless life

No dreams anymore for those who left the state building
Insensitive to pain or any loving feelings reacted dumb
Headaches in your mind, sickness in your bodily functions
Never to returned into real life anymore, jungle lost

Oxygen and Sulfur make things grow together to numbness
Children of a forgotten humanoid race running around
No way back for a race of animals never born in life
Abuse all racial differences in the economical ways

Make shares and run the rat race till one drops dead
Call it a show of despair, written on the sandy beach
Sea water will take away all the waves back and forth
No lights at the end of the tunnel, society is dead

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Wandering Druid