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Absinthe House

full consciousness of the artist - the divine consciousness
Absinthe House

Came out with no agent, blond hair, no phone calls.
I did this Irish soap for about three months
It has an effect on your personality
A reminder to find Hope

Becoming a digital subscriber
Takes courage to do
Showing yourself openly
An Artist hanging out at a Giant party

Inside the Cave
Eggshell Mixed Paint
Words flowing around
Dolphins kicking Ball

No Love exist Anymore
Retreated within the Stars
No Change of a Comeback
Looking in your Eyes

You lost something Precious
Back into the Priory
Balance in Mind
Walk my Way into the Sky

The Orgasm scale, I’m a 12
Our scenes were intense
Handsome dominant billionaires
Stranger into my Home

Be my all time Friend
More structured Relationship
Fostering the Qualities
Sight, Hearing, Taste, Touch and Smell

Exotic Tree
Decking herself for the occasion
Cleaving of all around
the blood of nobles flows towards me
A wooden canoe used by the Ancient